My Life As A Migraineur @FOLKS


A life filled with chronic migraines is a trial by fire. You come out the other end with strength you didn’t even know you had.

Waves of electrical activity, like a thunderstorm, wash over the brain: migraines are a neuro-physiological event. There is no cure, but there a thousands of remedies. Women are three times more likely to suffer from them–in the recent past, migraines were thought to be brought on by hysteria. I’m worried I can summon a migraine just by writing this, even though I know they are not psychosomatic. I had a visual migraine, one with an aura, a week ago: in other words, I was hallucinating while I was out getting a coffee on an otherwise normal Tuesday morning.

Oliver Sacks describes his first migraine aura as “an enormous shimmering semicircle stretching from the ground to the sky, with sharp zigzagging borders and brilliant blue and orange colors.” I saw a clear geometric shape, or pattern. It looked like a crystal, like a geode with the same jagged edges. It got bigger and bigger, and the edges began to shimmer. Migraines, and their auras, arrive precisely when I’m at a crossroads in my life. They persist because of my PTSD as a rape survivor, and I’ve learned to live with them.

Read the full strory here









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